About UsBackground

It all began with Mr. Harrys Ayub, the founder of GRI Laboratory. With his experience of 29 years
in gemstone business in Indonesia and international market, his passion and vision of the future
of gemstone business in Indonesia, GRI Laboratory was initiated.

At the time many people had to go to other country to test their stones, because of the lack of
confidence with result from Gem Labs in Indonesia. He built GRI as the answer for the evolution
of the gemstone market in Indonesia. He contends that it is the time for Indonesia to have
gemstone laboratory that is up to the mark with international market and standard.

A higher standard of Gem Labs in Indonesia was needed, considering the size of Indonesian gem
market that keeps growing, plenty varieties of gemstone that is found in the country and also
numerous gemstone enthusiast.

A valid and solid certificate is our answer. These are few privilege of our certificate:

  • Gem report that is printed on high quality material with maximum level of security to prevent falsification.
  • Exclusive and innovative design
  • Services that uphold customers with hospitality
  • A safe and comfortable lounge
  • International standard system and technology.
  • Uptodate database
  • Affordable price
  • Highly experience gemologist that has checked more that 50.000 gemstone.
  • On campus graduate Gemologists from GIA and AIGS

These are our answer for the gemstone enthusiast, our concern for the development of market in
Indonesia for the present and for the upcoming future. We hope we can always give
comprehensive information, and we will always do our best to give the best service and best
examination for customers, with hope we can represent the credibility of the owner of the

The dream to make an international standard gemstone laboratory was achieved when
Mr. Harrys Ayub met with 3 young, energetic gemologist to collaborate with him to build the lab of
his dream, the lab that fulfills criteria of international standard. So, on Saturday, 1 October 2011,
Gem Research International Laboratory was officially opened. Hoping that with GRI lab there will
be an alternative available for people to test their stone with trusted and international standard