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 A GRI Report is not a guarantee, valuation, or appraisal. It is a reflection of GRI's examination of the gemstones provided and will be presented on official paper bearing the original signature or stamp, along with an original hologram. The report's findings are based on the graded and identified characteristics observed during examination using standard and advanced gemological techniques and equipment that complied with industry standards at the time of examination. However, it should be noted that gemological examination is subject to certain limitations and professional judgments. While GRI employs industry-standard gemological techniques and equipment, the examination may include certain assumptions regarding the gemstone's history, treatment, and origin. Therefore, a later re-examination could result in different findings due to the possibility of new developments in gemology and scientific standards, including the emergence of new identification techniques and gemstone treatments. Although such circumstances are rare, they may occur over time. GRI offers two services: Gemstone Identification Reports in the form of Certificates and Gem ID Cards, and Diamond Grading Reports in the form of Natural Diamond Grading Certificates, Natural Diamond ID Cards, and Laboratory Grown Diamond Grading Certificates. In cases where there is a difference of opinion among gemologists, the specimen may be returned without an identification report. By accepting a GRI Report, you agree to release GRI, its officers, and employees from all liability for any loss, expense, or damages of any kind and description. GRI shall not be held liable for compensation for damage incurred due to war, whether political or social, natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes, or carelessness on the part of the client. Please note that the GRI Report is for your exclusive use. Neither GRI nor its employees will be held responsible for any action taken based on the Laboratory Report. In the event of a dispute arising from a GRI laboratory report, GRI's liability is limited to the fee paid for the report. In such a case, GRI will refund the fee to the client and shall be released from all liability and/or claim of whatsoever nature. GRI may decline to issue a report in cases where it deems the gemstone to be too risky to handle or too difficult to examine, or where the client refuses to agree to GRI's terms and conditions. GRI reserves the right to update its terms and conditions, fees, and procedures at any time without prior notice. The client is responsible for ensuring that the gemstone provided to GRI for examination is not stolen or obtained illegally, and GRI reserves the right to report any such suspicion to the appropriate authorities. While GRI strives to provide accurate and reliable information, GRI does not provide any warranty or guarantee, either express or implied, regarding the information contained in its reports, including but not limited to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability for any particular purpose. GRI reserves the right to refuse service to any client who fails to comply with its terms and conditions, or who engages in any illegal or unethical behavior.